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What rich men should look for when dating a young woman

Helpful facts for rich men and what you should keep in mind when you date a younger lady

What Rich Men Should Look for When Dating a Young Woman

They are out there, beautiful, young, kind women who desire love with an older man who can provide not only a fat bank account, but a charming personality that goes with it. But if you don't know what to look for when dating a young woman, you might end up with a deceitful wife who would like nothing more than to take over your life and put you in an early grave.

Look for talents before beauty.

Far too many men seek beauty first, because that is typically what one sees before anything else. But then once you see her, really see her. What is behind all the beauty? Is she talented, full of promise, a possible benefit to you, or all show and no go?

Ask about future plans such as marriage and family.

If you know that you are not interested in getting married and having children, then don't lead that young, fertile beauty on. Sooner or later that clock will be ticking and you don't want to be the one leaving that damsel in distress, because you have no desire for commitment. Start planning to let her go if there is a conflict of interest in this area.

What type of relationship does she have with parents, siblings and friends?

Does she often complain about them and has been in far too many disputes with those closest to her? If this is the case, you know it is only a matter of time that her emotional outbursts with them will show up on your doorstep. Are you ready to be the peacemaker, the friend, or even the devil's advocate to her? Maybe drama-free is the way you like it when it comes to dating younger women, better look beyond the hot-tempered ones.

Education and work experience, does she have either or both?

There are young women who haven't had enough high school or college experience to be deemed educated and then there are those who have so much education, work experience, and more that they might possibly shame you. So with that said, know what kind of woman you like and how much education and work experience you can stand to deal with coming from her. Some women know so much that they can actually be quite boring to be around while others can be very exciting and wouldn't make you feel the least bit intimidated.

Will she be relocating after college? Is she interested in a particular job/career besides what she is already doing?

What if things get serious between the two of you, would she be willing to leave family and childhood friends behind to marry you and go wherever you go? What about you relocating to be with her? Find out how she envisions her future and is there any room for you to be a part of it?

Hobbies - how many, how often and how much?

A woman who is frequently going to the gym, buying work-out outfits, and spending much money monthly to keep up her physique will most likely want to keep doing what she likes to do even when she finds her future husband. But what if she has numerous hobbies and what if they all cost much money, then what? She will expect you to understand when she can't be there for you on certain nights and she might even expect you to help her sometime keep her hobbies up. Observe what it is that she is into and whether or not you would be able to handle her love for whatever it is that she likes to do and vice versa--hopefully you have a life too and it isn't centered on trying to find a woman!

What does she do when she isn't working?

When you are away, the mouse will want to play, but with what? Maybe she is an avid supporter of a cause or organization, enjoys fun times with both male and female friends, and likes helping out relatives. Ask yourself, "Will I be okay with her active lifestyle or will I try to change it to suit my needs?" Most likely, if you find that your thoughts tend to lean on wanting to change your date's past-times, be careful she might think that you are one of those controlling types. Observe whether all her running will be a potential issue in the future and address it by asking her questions about the things that bother you the most and see if she will make changes without any further prompting from you once things between the two of you get serious. Don't expect a woman to change her lifestyle when the relationship isn't that mature yet and she isn't convinced that you are indeed the one.


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