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Your first Date - Important things to know and different aspects

Dating rich Gentlemen requires some skills and knowledge

6 Things You Can Do on a First Date with Your Rich Gentleman

Critics will say that your rich date is too old for you. They will talk negatively about your dating him. If you want your dating experience to be a good one, ignore the nay-sayers and begin planning a memorable experience with your wealthy partner.

One. Ask about interests prior to date night.

Rich mature men are use to being around older women and expect them to know what they want and where they'd like to go. But you can be one step ahead of most women (young or old) by paying close attention to your mature date's likes and dislikes. Rather than spending much time making him plan a date around your interests, consider including your special someone in on the dating experience by asking him, "What would you be willing to do on a first date besides the typical dinner and movie experience?" He might answer your question with a chuckle and allude to a sexual encounter. Be polite and answer back with a laugh, "That's not what I meant." Then proceed to suggest one or two things you had in mind.

Two. Find places where the two of you will feel most comfortable.

It doesn't have to be popular, expensive, or jaw dropping just because the man is rich, but choose a place that most people would enjoy and within your budget if you plan on paying the first time. Be sure it is a place that suits your interests and his. At some places frequented by daters, the seating might be too close, environment too noisy, and the people rude. Therefore, be sure to seek an atmosphere that isn't too young and wild or too old and slow.

Three. Avoid relatives and friend's residences that invoke negative energy on a first date.

Meeting relatives, friends or even going somewhere that you are unfamiliar with them might bring unexpected tension to your dating experience. Keep as many people, places and things that are sad, angry, crazy, and more out of your dating experiences. They all can become mere distractions that keep you from fully enjoying your new companion and most of all, might turn him off.

Four. Bring a small token of appreciation on your date.

After lengthy phone calls and thoughtful text messages over a period of weeks, it doesn't hurt to bring a thoughtful gift, a favorite snack or drink, or a nice keepsake of one's favorite sports team, or some other interest. Your purpose is to show thanks and make a good impression on your date. He may not expect a young woman doing something so sweet.

Five. Share a couple of stories that are inspiring and thought-provoking during those long periods of silence or waiting in line.

A great way to keep the positive vibes going between the two of you is to share a brief, heartfelt story that motivates or teaches something interesting or useful. If you can't think of anything, ask him the types of questions that you wouldn't mind answering like, "What is it about life that makes your heart sing, your mind awake, and your body move?" Get ready for a good conversation if he has even a little bit of creativity in his spirit!

Six. Don't feed the stereotypes of how young women act around rich men, be yourself!

Most young women have a similar way of behaving around someone who is mature and wealthy. They will act like everything he says is funny, mention something about his money and their needs, and they might be all-too-ready to sleep with a man they barely know. Rather than act like some immature, needy young women, get in touch with who you are and how might dating the rich, mature man will complete you. When you are confident in who you are and what you can provide a man in a relationship, the rest will follow. Consider these six tips before you go out on your first date. Don't expect the wealthy, older man to be the one that makes all the decisions about your future dates. Chances are he is observing whether you are in fact capable of being on his arm. Do you have beauty and brains? What is it about you that stands out more than all the rest?


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