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Are You Really Ready to Date a Rich Mature Man?

Both young and old women say that they want a rich man, but are they really ready? To be with a wealthy, mature man is not all that it is cracked up to be if one is unwilling to make sacrifices, lots of sacrifices. From missing holidays together, because he had to work to having to deal with his wealth being spread between ex-wives and children, there is a lot that a young woman might have to go through being with someone older.

He isn't going to remain as handsome as he was when you first met him.

Older men lose hair, gain weight, and can also act at times impatient and rude due to health changes. You may have been drawn to him by that attractive suit and well-polished dress shoes, but in time the suit will fade and the shoes will scuff, now what?

He may not share enough of his wealth with you to make you feel secure about being with him.

Being with a rich man sounds appealing, but former dates might share that he isn't as generous as he looks. Just because he makes an impressive amount of money and gives what sounds like a lot to others, doesn't mean he will bother giving you anything, but an occasional free meal while expecting you to give your body to him. A periodic monetary gift is nice, but if you are looking for financial security, you can't settle for a wishy-washy man who gives when he is in a good mood. If you should date someone like this, don't give him any time in bed.

You fail to balance your own checkbook.

If a rich man is open about his finances, he just might want to take a look at yours. What might he see? Far too many shopping trips, much debt, and legal issues? You are definitely not ready for a rich man just yet. Get your financial house in order and at least give him the appearance that you are doing the best you can.

He tells you what he wants from you.

Some wealthy men are bold about how people fit into their lives. You just might be the mistress on the side in his life, but don't know it yet. He may attempt to dictate your every move, because he is giving you money and time. Are you prepared to be dominated by someone who may not respect you in the morning? Now some rich men are not like this, but there are some who will not hesitate to take advantage of young, naive woman.

He is often busy--working, out of town or dating others.

There is a reason why many rich men simply aren't faithful and it has a lot to do with all that money they make. When people allow themselves to be bought, they become nothing more than toys for rich boys. So he can tell his women anything and they will believe it especially when he dangles hundreds of bills in front of them. Unfortunately, cheating, lying, and missing special occasions is an all-too-frequent thing with rich, powerful men. So when he says he is working late, for some men that is exactly what they are doing. Others simply have lost interest temporarily with dating and may not bother to call back, visit or do much else until they are in the mood to date again.



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