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Is she a keeper or a loser? When in doubt dating a younger woman

Dating doubts about younger ladies

Is She a Keeper or a Loser? When in Doubt About Dating a Younger Woman

You don't know whether you would like to continue to date a certain younger woman, because you noticed some things about her that doesn't say, "I am ready to marry her, but maybe when she is older, I just might." Yet, you still like her and you very much would like to keep her in your life, so what do you do?

Learn more about her.

Easier said than done. From the distractions of costly dinners and late night sex to verbal disagreements and silent moments, you just might not know enough about her just yet. It takes years to really get to know someone if you are going about it like a snail's pace. But if you want to move a little quicker, then spend more time observing her in different environments, interacting with a variety of people; rather than spending moments behind closed doors between the sheets.

Take her to meet your family.

If the idea makes you feel uncomfortable, then you need to spend more time getting to know her, but if the thought seems like a possibility, then do it when everyone is not under any major stress like trying to cope with a recent loss. Relatives can be an excellent source to help you understand more about why you have your doubts. Listen to what they say, think about your actions and inactions, and be prepared to do some things differently during your courtship with the young woman.

Protect yourself from a future pregnancy.

One of the worst things that couples can do is get pregnant when neither is sure about one another much less bringing children into the world together. So when you hear your young date say things like, "I was thinking if we had a couple of children they would look like…my friend's baby is so cute, when I have children I will…" she might be feeling like you are withdrawing from her and thinking that having your baby will keep you near. Don't fall for it, protect yourself!

Introduce her to friends.

Sometimes family can be bias when it comes to giving their opinion about someone in your life, because they can't help but think how might this woman impact what you are doing for them. Friends might think the same way as well, but they are typically not as close to you as a mother or father, so what might your friends think about her? Listen to their opinions and compare them to your own about your date.

Share your concerns with your young partner.

With so much lust and happy times with one another, it is easy to forget to have the kind of deep conversations that truly reveal what you both really think about one another beyond looks and material wealth. Take the time to start having the kind of conversations that will help you determine when you might want to put the courtship with her to rest or start on a path toward a future commitment. There are reasons as to why you are not sold out on this person, make a point to find out why every chance you get.

Address issues that she may have with you.

Sometimes one is looking at the other as being the reason why he isn't connecting with his date, when the truth is he has his own share of issues that may not have anything to do with her, but he is choosing to make it so. Maybe your date has shared some things with you about yourself that make you cringe and you have yet to fully realize that you need to make some adjustments if you really want this person in your life.

Whatever your issue with your special someone, don't ignore it. Be open and honest about your feelings. Act like a prophet and predict your future with this person if things don't change. Humble yourself and recognize what your weaknesses might be in the relationship and work to change them. When all else fails, don't string the poor, young woman along, let her go gradually without leaving her so angry that she wishes you dead!


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