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Do You Feel Trapped in a Relationship with a Rich Older Man?

In the beginning you both thought it would be fun to date someone different than what you were used to--he's older, you're younger. But things started changing as you learned things about this older man that made you worried, scared, or even sick to the stomach. Now you ponder on breaking up with him, but you feel trapped. You tried to make an exit before, but got nowhere. Don't stress, you don't have to feel trapped anymore in a relationship with someone just because he has clout and money, learn to stand your ground and know when the time is right to make your exit.

Make time for you.

Most likely you are spending far too much time thinking of him or doing many things that include him. When do you get a break? What are you doing when you are away from him? Start planning a life that is going to help you become a success apart from him. Dedicate your time to planning things that you know he wouldn't be interested while giving yourself an opportunity to shine alone. Too many women forget their likes and dislikes, hobbies, relatives, friends, and even slack on their jobs when a man comes into their lives. When you notice similar things you are doing, make changes. Now the rich, older man is going to notice your acting different toward him and will use his wealth and status to draw you near again, don't fall for it.

Distance yourself from people he knows.

Rich men have many contacts, but just because he has so many doesn't mean you have to deal with any of them. For some couples, "his friends become my friends and vice versa." Well these days you may be one of the unhappy ones and don't really feel comfortable talking about what is bothering you with his friends, so start connecting with relatives and friends of your own. Talk to one or maybe two people who you know don't know him and ask them what they think of your situation and how might you resolve some issues. You can also contact people online discreetly on a computer away from home. Find out what others have done in a situation like yours.

Avoid appeasing him on everything he wants you to do.

Some women will bend over backwards for men who know how to use intimidation, cursing and even violence to get them to do what they want. Wealthy businessmen know how to use various tactics to persuade their workers to do things for them. Their lovers are no exception. Don't be tempted to do what this rich man asks or demands just because he is So and So and has so much this or that. Material wealth breaks, gets lost and stolen, but true love can stand the test of time. Test his love, how does he act when he can't get you to do anything for him?

Create your own income.

Begin to save money (including the money he gives you) so that you can obtain your own personal wealth. If you seek a job, you will need money for transportation. If you plan to start your own business, you will need start up money. Working your way toward independence is a process especially if you have spent years relying on a wealthy man to care for your expenses. Take notes on how he obtains his wealth and duplicate those strategies that are legal and beneficial to your finances in both the short and long terms.

Find your own housing.

If you already have a place to stay, start living there more often and spend less time at your wealthy partner's residence. However, for some women they moved into their rich lover's home and now they have to stay there until they can move. Plan your move. Start looking at places you would like to live. Be sure to save at least three months rent and be sure you have a job. Don't assume that the older man's money will help you when you are on your own. As soon as he knows you are no longer interested in him, then expect him to cut off whatever he has been giving you on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, plan to do without his money and gifts.

Watch what you say.

Sometimes young women talk too much about every detail of their lives; therefore those around them feel obligated to comment or suggest things they should and shouldn't do in their relationships. Your older partner will be proactive in your life as long as you keep sharing your life with him like what you ate this morning to what your mother told you about him, the more you tell, the harder it will be for you to cut him off. He will take what you tell him and eventually use it against you. The more you share stories about yourself and other people you know with your older man, the more he thinks he can fix you and those around you. Begin to limit your conversation and details about your daily life with him and those who know him.

You should never feel trapped in any relationship. To feel trapped means you can't do anything, go anywhere, or do what you want without your man's input. Controlling men love women who like to be controlled, but in time victims begin to turn on their controllers.

Every person, deep down inside, would like to be in a loving relationship that isn't manufactured by someone, who is more concerned about telling you what to do, where to go, what time to be back, who to see, etc., but many unsuspecting women fall for controlling men anyway and end up enabling their negative behaviors.

Women who accept these relationships where they feel "trapped" are typically unhappy and oftentimes look for ways to avoid the truth about their situations. Instead, they criticize other couples, point the finger at others' flaws, and stir up conflict with people outside their relationship in an effort to keep from dealing with the real problems on the home-front. When you feel like your partner is suffocating you, don't take your problems out on others or get angry at them because you don't want to face the truth; rather, find ways to avoid your mate's controlling behavior even if it means you need to leave him for awhile.

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