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When Young Women Act Whimsical and Flaky

You may have just started dating that beautiful young woman who made you laugh with her quirky behavior. She doesn't seem to be that bright when she acts indecisively when making simple choices. At times, she appears unstable when she can't articulate her thoughts. Nevertheless, the pretty, young woman has got your attention, at least for the moment, and so you continue to date her.

At times, you find your new date's personality either quite irritating, tiresome or both. The young woman has told you, in so many words, that she is serious about you. She desires to discover new scenes, try some fun things--just live a little, but your response has been dismal. You feel like she is taking you out of your comfort zone of television watching and doing other things you typically like to do. Welcome to the real world of dating a younger women, unlike older women who are more settled in their lifestyles, younger women are still learning and growing. This is the period in your relationship that a relative or friend tried to warn you about, "I would leave those young women alone if I were you...they will wear you out!" So is dating a younger woman what you really want?

Most younger women could care less about the child support or alimony you pay to your ex, your retirement goals, or even how tired you are after putting in a hard day at work. What she wants to know is, "What are we going to do?" Most younger women want to try new things, most older men want to sit down and contemplate. For some younger women, they just broke out of their parent's homes after being caged up like an animal, so they are all-too excited about being free!

These young women may have graduated from schools that gave them a list of dos and don'ts and so they go out into the world trying to fit in this group and that one. Now finally a young woman finds freedom in doing what she truly wants to do after long workdays. So along comes you, someone who she envisions having a good time with someone who just might be willing to explore new things and live life to the fullest.

There are those gleeful women who just want to experience life, and then are those immature "I don't know what I want to do with my life" type of women who are sincerely whimsical and flaky. Don't be confused between the two. Indecisive women are usually saying one thing then doing another and another until you are so frustrated that you don't have the slightest clue what their next move is going to be in love, career, spirituality, family, and more. The emotional woman is angry today and wants to break up, but then tomorrow she acts as if nothing is wrong. The things that make her unusual are usually what makes her attractive to most men. She is more entertaining and interesting than most women you have dated. But her quirky personality might be too much for you. Don't ask her to change, because most likely she has no clue what she should change into, but rather if you can't deal with her personality then consider this, the flaky woman (no matter how attractive) is simply not right for you.

Face it, some of mature men reading this are not twenty, thirty or even forty-something anymore. They have lived their youthful lives---been there done that. But what more do you want to do? Older men who date younger women must be willing to travel, discover new things, be sexually active, and enjoy living. If he isn't as thrilled about life as his younger partner, then the relationship will be difficult for the two.

One of the biggest obstacles in any relationship is when a partner is expecting/hoping/praying that his or love interest is going to one day turn into that "something" that she just isn't equipped to be, such is the case dating the attractive, yet whimsical, flaky woman. It doesn't matter how she got that way or whether she recognizes or weaknesses or not, if you can't picture yourself with this person long term, be the mature one and end the relationship.

Sometimes we make ourselves do things we don't want to do in the hopes that a person will see that we are unhappy and start making some changes. However, for some people, it doesn't matter how many hints you drop, arguments you have, or books you buy to help them be all that they can be, these headstrong individuals are determined to evolve in this life at their own pace and not because someone tells them they ought to do this or say that. This is where a mature man gets into trouble trying to date a young woman without fully comprehending the pros and cons of dating someone who still a lot to learn about herself.

Rebellious, quirky women are not easy to date or get along with particularly if they have had experience dating mature men in the past who only lied, hurt or abused them. Many of these wounded women already met their share of older men such as: the busy single professional, the married man who has been cheating on his wife, and the one who has his share of hormonal issues. Don't be surprised if some of the young woman's strange behaviors are a result of being hurt by these men in the past. Whimsical, flaky women are going to act insecure, ask many questions, and annoy you at times, because for some, they still have yet to heal from yesteryears' many offenses.

When you sense that an immature woman is not good with the following: caring for herself, handling her finances, dealing with others, keeping a job, parenting, and so on, avoid starting or continuing a romantic relationship with her especially when you know you are the impatient type. It is only a matter of time that she will expect something more from you if you should continue. The young lady will eventually anticipate things from you like: discussions on how you feel about her and the future, an engagement ring, a meeting with your family, and thoughtful deeds that make her feel like the two of you are a pair. If you know that you aren't planning a future with this woman, then cut off intimate touching and making her feel like you sincerely want to be with her long term.
If you know you aren't the attentive type, have trouble understanding young women, and simply don't have the time or desire to hold your beautiful, whimsical, flaky young woman by the hand and help her through her issues, then let her know your expectations as soon as possible before things get too serious.

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