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Sometimes rich men start to carry themselves badly

When the Rich, Older Man Isn't Always Nice, Sweet and Polite

When you first met him, your wealthy partner was a great conversationalist, attentive, and polite. But after one too many disagreements between you two and repeated disappointments, you noticed that the person in the public eye is not the same person you know intimately. He is a great actor who knows how to perform before crowds and win an audience's approval, but those who know him, he treats meanly. This wealthy man, who appears like he is so fortunate living a life many dream about is often impatient, rude, arrogant, and will become visibly angry over the smallest matter. Knowing that he isn't the best match for you to date, you still maintain a relationship with him.

From running things in business to managing the home front and all the bills that come with it, a wealthy man, who has little time or patience to deal with unmotivated, lazy people who can help themselves, is going to have high expectations of his young partner. Intelligent minds have great ideas, think of plans then execute, and invest many hours and money to see to it that their product/service/organization is top notch. Sometimes things run smoothly in business, and other times they don't. When negative things shower down like rainfall on the rich, older man, he just might take out some of his frustration on those he loves the most. A young partner dating an easily irritated older man should be mentally prepared for those down days. If you choose to remain in a partnership with him, like a younger man, the middle-aged or elderly man will need emotional, mental and physical support.

Now there are those moments in a rich, wealthy man's dating experience that someone will come along with their own plans complete with much deception, lies, and more in the hopes of riding on the coat-tails of an unsuspecting wealthy man. Sooner or later, when the manipulative young woman is discovered by the rich man, his kind gestures begin to take a different turn with her. He becomes controlling and at times vengeful. Some rich older men may begin their dating experience in the dark wondering what their young partners think of them, the relationship, etc. but in time they see the light when dealing with certain young women. They may have them investigated, test them, and cause them major upset for any dastardly deeds they may have committed against rich older men in the past.

If the young woman is equally motivated, determined to do more with her life, then the older man might give her favor because she is working hard and is appreciative of him and seems sincere about a future with him. But those young women who often make excuses and fault-find as to why they can't come up higher in life, in time, the rich mature man will rid himself of those burdens. Young women who nag, complain, confuse and misuse are swept under the rug by powerful men. Their tears, fears, and promises mean nothing when men, who may at one time loved them, realize that beyond their beauty they are hollow--lacking in self-esteem, ungrateful, and annoying. Some wealthy men can act like deadly snakes hiding themselves in murky waters and grassy terrains while life storms pour in on their prey and then without warning, they strike. Poor young women, who think they know better, get caught in mind games with older, clever men who think of them like they do sports--just another game.

Contrary to popular belief, most wealthy men aren't giving their money away to every damsel in distress that shows up in their lives. They budget, save, and multiple their monies whenever possible, but give away wealth--not so much. Some of you know that most rich people aren't as free-hearted about their money like spectators think. The wealthy watch how much they give, how often a person/group comes to them asking for money, and what might be the benefits of sharing a little (not a lot) of their monies. Rich people, like poor people, look to be paid for things they do and say. They expect a borrower to pay when he or she says, and if one doesn't honor his or her agreement, many rich men will not go easy on repeat offenders who think they are taking advantage of them. Wealthy older men will also track what they are giving to those around them. But they aren't pleased when they can't always do what they want with their money when they want. So when a young woman acts as if she is to receive something from a rich older man because she had sex with him, she shortchanges herself. Seasoned female daters know that there is more to dating a rich man besides sex. The last thing these women want to be to the rich wealthy man is another burden.

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